If Men are from Meat, are Women from Cupcake?

If Men are from Meat, are Women from Cupcake?

After grabbing foods a few times with friends and colleagues or going on a date or simply by just sitting at a small corner while observing people in restaurants, it is quite particular to notice the different eating choices and styles of men and women. 
You must have come across the “Special K” ad by Kellogg’s where the sexy ladies, in red dresses and lipstick, crumble off a feminine bite of the “absolutely delicious” breakfast flakes before letting their eyes fall closed in pleasure. Well that’s what we say: Hamburgers and steak are for men while quiches and cupcakes are for women. These statements made me wonder: “Do men and women really have different preferred diets?”, “Are those gendered diets just cliches originated from ad campaigns or do they point towards a deeper truth?”.
Lets, at the beginning, point out a few facts that we see everyday:
1. You’ll find a longer queue of hungry men at the Dholl-Puri and Farata spot.
2. Coffee shops are crowded by busy women with their shopping bags.
3. Kebabs are considered as the totem of manliness, providing an unfussy meat treat and presented in a compact, convenient and masculine manner.
4. Cocktails that are sweeter and colourful (because, you know, PINK  is more palatable) are for the Ladies while Beers are for the Gentlemen.

Evolution might be an argument, debating on the fact that as cavemen, men were hunters relying on protein to build muscle mass and regarding meat as a reward while women were vegetables and fruits gatherers and child-bearers looking for more delicate foods.
How far is that true? I can hardly tell you. Sometimes I do think that men eat steak to show that they are men while we have always learnt that women SHOULD crave dessert. It eventually becomes reassuring when we make sense to things. All I know is that men are in general larger than women and will therefore require higher amounts of nutrients than women. In addition to that, every person is different and body size, muscle mass, physical activity level and so on will determine your nutrient requirements.

You might find it very weird that I am discussing such a serious topic. Mind YOU!!! Let’s come to the fun part,hehe. If men are from meat and women from cupcakes, we need to find the ideal way to eat together on that FIRST DATE.Going on a first date is stressful for both girls and guys. It is the ultimate moment that you can decide whether to go on a second one or send a text “Sorry can’t make it for today”.
I am going to give you a few tips on how to eat HEALTHY (Yes it is a healthy blog not a “How to get a BAE” blog)on that FIRST DATE.
You might wear your killer dress or your sexy tie, it is the food that will make you look at your best and create that chemistry. So, let’s start.


It is no shame to enjoy a good plate of pasta as far as you choose the right one. Let’s avoid the messy one. No SPAGHETTI on the first date (order it on the 2nd). Lasagna or gnocchi are great choices, specially those with mysterious sauces.


A good glass of wine always makes you feel relaxed to be yourself and it will naturally give off a sexier vibe. 


If only you already know that your date like sushi, it could be a clever choice as there can be witty tricks to get closer. Japanese restaurants, naturally offer an authentic and graceful atmosphere. Slowly take the opportunity to show off your chopstick skills by popping a “you need to try this” sushi roll in your date’s mouth.


If you are cooking for your date, chicken is the safest bets for a romantic dinner. It is easy, lean and the “vanilla” of all meats. You just need to impress with your special sauce or cooking technique to avoid a boring moment. 


Well, I know that “salad” does not really scream “sexy” but it might be a real wild card. Ordering a salad gives the good impression that you are health-conscious and do take care of your body just like you’ll take care of his/her.


These sea creatures are easy to eat and full of flavour. Swallowing some rich and soothing prawns will melt in your mouth just like I hope your date does. 


Nothing speaks sexy more fluently like dark chocolate desserts do. Accompanied by sweet strawberries, only dark chocolate can stimulate your senses and seduce your date for another moment together.


This one, I must admit, is my favourite. There is a deep sense of comfort by just sipping a good Cappuccino by the sea in the arms of your date. And if you shamelessly choose to let a little bit of foam linger on your upper lip to get that first kiss, I would never find a reason to judge your intention. 


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