The Truth I admit: Drinking can be healthy…

The Truth I admit: Drinking can be healthy…

You know you are on the spot when the bartender’s eyes are just on you. Well, when you are actually planning to keep fit and drink less, his question “What will you have?” becomes the hardest anyone has ever asked you. Most of the time, you decide to go with the classic Beer, Vodka, Gin and Tonic or Rum and Coke. And you will obviously say that you can always resume your diet tomorrow morning.
This post came from a special request of a friend who once asked me to write about “Healthy Drinking” when we go out partying (Kisses Clementine).

Let me share with you some of my secrets. There is always a lighter version, yet very tasty, version of your sweeter and caloric cocktails. Instead of using sugary juices or fizzy drinks, you can opt for sparkling water, coconut water or freshly squeezed lemon juice to your skinny cocktails. Sugar has today become the new enemy and almost at the same position as fats. Adding just a little bit of sweetness in your daily coffee or tea in the morning can be dangerously toxic. Moreover all these additives, artificial sweeteners, colourings, flavourings and high corn fructose syrup present in those drinks are hard to digest and can eventually aggravate health conditions like asthma or allergies.
We are all aware of the damage caused by a long night of heavy drinking: one shoe lost, vomit in the other shoe, no memory of last night dance but your legs are hurting and that horrible headache (worst would be waking up next to a total stranger). All your drunken loss of inhibitions might turn you into a famous karaoke singer but it can also lead to a “hangover hunger” which is the likelihood of binger eating very late at night. Suddenly the allure of smoking hot pizza and hamburgers become too strong to resist, adding up into your calorie counter.
I really like the idea of homemade drinks when it comes to entertaining your guests. It is pretty sexy actually juggling with shots, glasses, shaker and numerous drinks of all sorts of colours. You can even prepare a drink for the special someone in the crowd to win her attention. Now here comes the serious thing: I present you a list of cocktails which are less caloric yet very yummy that I came across on the net.

Watermelon Mojito: 100 kcal

Nothing more refreshing than watermelon. Instead of using sugar for your Mojito, use cubes of watermelon and fresh mint leaves. Crush all that a little to give some sweetness. Then add your Rum and sparkling water. Presenting you the new Mojito with half of its calories. 

Simple Berry Daiquiri: 145 kcal

Start with 1 cup of either fresh or frozen berries (strawberries, raspberries, blueberries). I bought my frozen berries at Intermart. I guess you can find them readily at Monoprix or Supper U too. Blend the berries with Rum, ice cubes and add 1 tsp of honey to sweeten the cocktail if too acidic. Delicisimma…

 Slim the Gin and Tonic: 75 kcal

The bad news is that tonic water has as many calories as soda due to its high sugar content. Switch to either a lighter version of the tonic water or go for sparkling water. Since it is the bitter taste of quinine in the tonic water that gives the real taste of “Gin and Tonic”, you can eventually punch the flavour of your lighter cocktail with a squeeze of lime juice.

 Skinny Vodka Iced Tea: 80 kcal

This one is really simple. Instead of using the classic apple juice, coke, sprite or red bull (btw, vodka + red bull is the worst combination on the caloric counter). Iced tea is a sweeter yet lighter option. You can choose your preferred flavour, Peach or Lemon, and this one is definitely lower in calories than the traditional combinations.

Lemongrass Collins: 90 kcal

You will be able to enjoy the tart flavour of Tom Collins without bursting your caloric counter. It starts with a shot of vanilla vodka, lime juice, sparkling water flavoured with crushed lemongrass, mint and a few drops of vanilla essence.

Tips for a clever ending:
·            1. Fewer ingredients mean fewer calories.
·         2. Creamed spirits double the calories in a cocktail.
·         3. Try to blend your own 100% fresh fruit juice and bring to parties.
·        4.  Keep a bottle of water with squeezed lemon/lime juice in your fridge. As soon as you get home, do drink it. It is actually a proper detox juice to avoid a headache next morning. Vitamin C rich fruits and vegetables help to combat hangover. Try orange juice with vodka.
·        5.  Always make proper use of the dance floor. It is the best exercise you can afford to burn some calories. Grab a friend and get on the bar (DO NOT REMOVE YOUR CLOTHES, it’s not classy). Dance like no one is watching.

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