1,2,3 Stetch…

1,2,3 Stretch…
Being a nutritionist, I feel, most of time, that people keep on judging the way I eat or my body shape. This is absolutely normal and I absolutely don’t feel embarrassed about it. It is part of the job. I do the same when I see a doctor smoking šŸ˜› Well, if ever you expect to see me with a toned-up body like Jennifer Lopez, that’s never gonna happen because I don’t go to the gym. I encourage people to register to a gym if you look for motivation or you simply like to do it in a group or because it is a very good place to meet new people. You will be amazed to note the amount of couples who met in a gym. I don’t have any issue with gyms (Mind you :p) but I have a different preference for natural parks, yoga, dance and just breathing that pure air. This is the only reason I don’t train with a coach in a gym.

I really love fitness. Let’s say today I do it very less (time constraints. Who doesn’t know about that). But I try to do my max to do some exercises for 30-45 mins for at least 3-4 times a week. If you can allow yourself a daily training session, then note that God absolutely loves you.

Most people tend to associate high cholesterol with obese people. Well it is true that they may have high cholesterol because their fat metabolism changes due to changes in insulin resistance. However you will be surprised at the fact that many thin people exhibit symptoms of high cholesterol or may even suffer from it. The reasons are multiple, starting from stress to genetic predisposition and alcohol. The main culprits though are Poor Eating Habits and of course INACTIVE LIFESTYLE.

Eating healthy is part of my life and has today become a culture. But I must admit even though I love fitness, it can be hard if I get bored. Sometimes I may even forget if I start binge-watching Elementary and Pretty Little Liars. Well, I’m here to give you a few tips on how to put on your “Fitness” attitude. I call it the “Do it Divya” workout list (Btw, the name is just to add a little pride. You can find one too LOL).Ā 

1. If, of course, you can afford one, buy a treadmill, elliptical trainer or stationary bicycle. You can do your fitness while watching TV, listening to music or reading a book.

2. Instead of taking your car to do the grocery shopping nearby, ride a bike or walk.

3. Try to treat each training session as a real appointment (Add to your outlook).

4. For those who are full-on energetic and like to move, join a Zumba class. Nothing better.

5. Look for workout exercises on Youtube or just google it, there are numerous that you can try.

6. “Dance, jump on it. If you’re sexy then flaunt it. If you’re freaky then own it. Don’t brag about it. Come show me.” That’s Bruno Mars and I like him. Do notĀ hesitateĀ to get back to your childhood and beĀ ridiculous. Jumping jacks (or ropes) are amazing for your body.Ā 

7. We are EXTREMELY lucky to be living in a tropical island surrounded by beautiful beaches and natural parks. So try jogging in different places to contemplate the nature and go swimming with family & friends on weekends. Hiking can be an exciting initiative. Make it like a fun competition among loved ones. Whoever gets on top first, wins a free beer or a dinner.

8. Try Yoga. Amazing to improve posture and flexibility.

9. You may love your job but office spaces are designed to make you gain weight, not to mention the stress level. With a little creativity, you can find few minutes between pending meetings or tea times or classes. Try to stretch our neck and head time to time for a few seconds. Loosen your shoulders in a circular motion. Stretch your wrists before and after computer work. Do some leg lifts and swings while waiting for copies. Do some squats and walk while answering the telephone.

10. Forget a “Sweetheart” and be a “Sweatheart” this Valentine. Do some stretching for a better date. This is the new love guru idea. It can be a very original date to do some fitness together. Consider this: research shows that simply doing few things together as a couple ignites the same circuit as does falling in love. So put down Fifty Shades of Grey and make your hearts race for real this Valentine.

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