When fashion meets food…

Fashionista good, “Foodista” better…

Time and again, there are styles that are being re-invented by designers. Each year, a brigade of fresh designs, colours, prints and different patterns hit our stores and become a TREND. Trends are believed to re-emerge in fashion. Just like few years back it was Aloe Vera, Noni fruit or Whey protein, 2014 is no different.
To be noted that in fashion, there may be some faux pas like wearing socks with sandals or too many colours are a time or mixing more than 3 fabrics (Oh nudity is absolutely not fashion). In nutrition as well we must avoid these faux pas. Trans fats (margarine) and Ajinomoto (MSG) are no more fashion. They are completely “NO NO” products.
So you must be wondering, What’s out? Whats in? AND Which foods top the list this year?

Here are the 10 foods posing for our photographers in 2014:

1. Kale

This year is the year of kale. We find kale in soups, smoothies and even just raw as salad. We get it: kale is awesome. Thinner than Victoria Beckham, this dark green leafy veggie is a nutritional rock star and you shouldn’t stop eating it by any means. Kale can provide you with cholesterol-lowering benefits if cooked by steaming. The fiber-related components in kale do a better job of binding together with bile acids when they are steamed thus making it easier to excrete cholesterol from your body. Isothiocyanates in kale equally play a primary role in lowering the risk of cancer namely cancer of bladder, breast, prostate, colon and ovary.

2. Honey

When I think of Christian Dior, what comes to my mind is chic and elegance. Well, honey speaks Dior. It is not a coincidence that the colour of honey is nearly gold. And just like gold can lighten up your face, honey brings glamour to your body. Honey has long been praised for its medicinal healing qualities. But what makes honey so popular? To start, it can be consumed very easily. Put it directly on bread like jam, mix with juice or mix with warm water, herbs, cinnamon and lime to make a tisane. Its natural sugars play an important role in preventing fatigue during exercise. Its antioxidant and antibacterial properties can help improve your digestive tract to stay healthy and fight diseases.
Tip: you can start every brand new day with a cleansing tonic prepared with a spoonful of honey, juice from 1/2 a lemon and a cup of warm water.

3. Yogurt

Jean-Paul Gaultier is known as the “Enfant Terrible” of the fashion world. He was very often regarded as a crazy one who didn’t have a word to say about clothes. But his original designs soon made many envy him. Yogurt is in this category. For long we didn’t know why to buy it. 

But Probiotics were the reason that people didn’t understand. Angelberry got it and now companies are fighting to be on top of the best yogurt list. Probiotics are friendly bacteria present in yogurt which provide their benefits by adjusting the microflora (the natural balance of living organisms in your intestines) and thus improving your digestion and immune system.

4. Garlic

Ralph Lauren may be worth $7.5 million but Garlic is worth more than that. Garlic contains allicin which has immune-enhancing actions and reduces the production of free radicals that can cause damage to your cells. It contains Vit A and C as well as minerals like zinc and selenium, contributing to its antiviral and antibacterial actions. It’s true that garlic has a strong smell and may give you a bad breath making you think twice before kissing. But just tell your sweetheart: “Baby, what I ate makes me sexy”.

5. Seaweed

Seaweed is the Christian Louboutin of foods. It is classic, simple and delicate just like the master of shoes. This superfood, famous in Chinese and Japanese dishes like sushi, has potent anticancerous properties and helps boost the immune system. Much more attractive is a 2010 study which found that algae can reduce our rate of fat absorption by 75%. Amazing right?

6. Shiitake Mushrooms

Long a symbol of longevity in Asia, shiitake mushrooms have been used medicinally by the Chinese community for more than 6000 years. When we speak of Indian clothing, Manish Malhotra strikes our brain. This man is a master of art who can turn a simple table cloth into an elegant Bollywood Lehenga with his fairy fingers. He sees beauty everywhere just as we sometimes don’t notice the beauty of shiitake mushrooms. So open your eyes and appreciate those amazing mushrooms. Our taste buds love their rich smoky flavour and much better…they contain a powerful antioxidant called L-ergothioneine which is not destroyed when cooked. Dried shiitake mushrooms are equally rich sources of bioavailable iron.

7. Zinc

You are completely out of this world or just not human if you don’t have atleast one Denim(jeans) cloth. Zinc is as essential as a Denim fabric. Zinc foods are chicken, fish, meat, oysters, milk, cheese, eggs, legumes (pulses), whole grains, pecans ans sunflower seeds. You cannot not have them in 2014 (Its just not happening). Zinc is needed for the production of white blood cells which protect us from colds and infections. Deficiency in zinc can impair motility and number of sperms. In a study (over a month), it was found that brief periods of severe zinc deficiency can lead to detrimental changes in sperm composition and quantity. Beware Guys! I can see you rushing to do some grocery shopping.

8. Oats

In 2014, we are bringing the best of the 80s back, that is, NEON. This flashing colour is everywhere. You can wear a classic black outfit with Neon accessories or a complete Neon 2-piece. Neon football shoes were even IN during this Fifa World Cup. Oats are same as Neon. They are being revisited and recommended due to their rich source of Vit B1, manganese, selenium, phosphorus and magnesium (for those who can’t sleep at night). Rich in fiber, oats can reduce your level of cholesterol, thus lowering your risk of strokes and heart diseases and stabilizing your blood sugar levels. What better way to gain some strength to carry you through a hectic morning schedule than a steaming bowl of oatmeal.

9. Dragon fruit

Dragon fruit is Beyonce. It is one of the most beautiful fruit in the world with absolutely dazzling flowers and an intense shape and colour. Dragon fruit is usually dark red in colour, sometimes pink, covered in scales as if it has been sculptured by a professional artist and when you cut it, you’ll be amazed by the perfection of these black dots on a white or pink background. A real Picasso chef-d’oeuvre. It is rich in antioxidants, high in Vit C and phosphorus and low in sugar. Eat a dragon fruit instead of taking a shortcut through a pill.

10. Kaki fruit (Persimmom)

Wherever you go in my house, there’s a kaki fruit. We love it in my family. Kaki fruit can be a real “trompe-oeil” as it looks like a tomato but is usually golden yellow. Well, crop tops are famous this year. This clothing yells “Dare to Bare”. Similarly, you must dare to eat a kaki fruit and I assure you… you won’t regret it. It contains health-benefiting flavonoids and an anti-tumour compound called betulinic acid. Rich in Vit A (B-carotene, lycopene, zea-xanthin), it plays a role delaying ageing and gives you shining eyes.

It is not out of stupidity that you have Winter, Spring or Summer collections. Actually it is very simple. You can’t wear boots in Summer and trendy blazers in Winter. That’s not happening. In the same way, eating seasonal fruits and veggies from your local farmers is how you stay IN in 2014. 
Better for you health and the environment.

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