About Me

Hello, My name is Divya and I’m a Nutritionist.

I may have ended up in this nutrition world by chance but I’ve always somehow been passionate about it. It just took me years to realise it. I’ve, all my life, since a kid, of 3 years old, dreamt of becoming a doctor. Medicines, labcoats, chemical equations, hospitals, medical terminologies, were all fascinating for me (I know I sound like a geek). But very soon I realised medicine is just not for me. That’s not what I want from life. I, out of nowhere, opted for nutrition. Like most of you even I thought that Nutrition = Food.

However, by getting involved in it , I discovered that Nutrition is much more than that. It is a world of molecules, cells, structures, organs, antioxidants, vitamins, systems, functions…Well in short, Nutrition is science…PURE SCIENCE.Being Healthy is just a platform where I’ll share with you simple findings, discussions and new discoveries over the beauty of nutrition as well as health, fitness and what I called your “friend” food and habits.

As I’ve always been saying: “There is no love sincerer than the love for food.”

Even if it is hard to admit, Food is our best-friend but can be our worst enemy too. The one that makes us fall in love in seconds and the one that breaks our heart when standing on a balance or in front of our mirror. Not to mention the tears when you try to put on your favourite jeans after 3 years. You may miss a call but you’ll think twice before missing your lunch at the office. Food definitely speaks love to us and you’ll all agree that Food can have a dominating power on us. But let’s make our relationship with Food a simple and loving one. Like in any relationship, there will be pleasure, passion, love, laughs, orgasms, cries, fights, complications and insecurities. But at the end all we need is to be HAPPY.